Clients & Projects

Apps Community Insights

  • Created and currently manage an ongoing feedback group of >1000 App and Game Developers across Google products to tap into developers desire to interact and provide feedback with Google product managers.
  • Using multiple activities per week, App Community Insights delivers insights at both a product and brand level to multiple Google Developer teams across product lines.

One Google for retailers

Understand business goals, needs, and perceptions of technology partners across multiple functional roles within retailers, both ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar (and both). Develop recommendations for positioning, product requirements, messaging, and target customer prioritization for a new category of offerings across both advertising and cloud products.

The meaning & cultural impact of YouTube

In-depth understanding of the purpose of YouTube for different users (from casual to committed) and how the reasons for use have impacted our culture overall. Illustrate the the relevance and importance of YouTube to increase marketer preference.

Google Maps

4-country exploration to understand the landscape globally and locally, learn more about how different products are positioned vs. the upcoming product value proposition, and recommend positioning within the maps discovery landscape.

Think with Google Advisory Council

Created and managed the first Customer Collective called the Advisory Council, an 18 month community of large brand marketers and agency professionals designed to optimize the resources Google provides marketers in it’s largest business marketing program

Global App Developer product strategy

Global insights on how people building and marketing apps are acquiring customers, their perceptions of Google, Facebook, and others, and what Google can do to reach them more effectively.

Shopper understanding to inform advertisers

  • How Shopping is Changing
  • Shopping Friction & Loyalty

Salesforce IT Cloud

  • Discovery phase to define stakeholder needs and personas
  • Recommendations to guide product strategy and level 1 and 2 requirements for the development of IT Cloud, a cloud-based enterprise IT solution to enable the next generation of IT

Salesforce Health Cloud

  • Discovery phase to define stakeholder needs and personas
  • Recommendations to guide product strategy and level 1 and 2 requirements for the development of Health Cloud, a key industry focus for Salesforce to cloud to enable the connected healthcare of the future

HBO Next-generation viewers

  • Deep-dive into the brand awareness and perception issues with millennials
  • Created a roadmap for increasing cultural relevance among younger viewers

Qualcomm Snapdragon platform strategy

  • Global project to understand multiple early-adopter audiences and their perceptions of processors related to next generation computing and connectivity technologies and devices such as AI and auto
  • Marketing recommendations to extend the positioning of Qualcomm Snapdragon across new categories

Qualcomm XR

  • Customer collective for early-adopter AR and VR users and prospects defined by multiple possible needs states
  • Product development recommendations for multiple potential user targets and needs

Qualcomm AR Viewer Evolution

  • Strategic feedback on customer experience and use cases
  • To help guide the product roadmap for multiple OEMs producing AR viewers
  • And to inform the product development team at Qualcomm on the processor needs to support these devices